Search 2014/08/27

Paged by RCMP at 14:50 to assist in rescuing a lone male on a home-made raft, stuck on a rock at the confluence of the Harrison and Fraser Rivers. Command established at Kilby at 15:30. 2 SeaDoos in water at 15:37. Chilliwack SAR paged to supply jet boat. SeaDoos report at 15:44 no sign of raft at the location given. RCMP request to locate the raft further downstream. Fishermen on banks of Fraser questioned re sighting of raft. Chilliwack SAR in water at 16:05 with 2 SeaDoos and a jet boat. Searched down to mouth of Vedder - no sign. Kent Harrison Tango 1 locates raft at 16:31, 300M downstream from Island 22. RCMP ask SAR to hold subject there while they send a member from Chilliwack to interview. Raft consists of driftwood tied together. Subject entered river at Yale and intends to travel to Vancouver.
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