Search 2014/08/21

Paged by RCMP at 20:21 to assist in locating a male subject north of 10-Mile Bay on Harrison Lake. Informant was at a camp site at 10-Mile Bay and reported that her husband and 2 boys had been in a canoe that capsized 2 Km north of 10-Mile Bay. A passing boater had picked up the 2 boys and returned them to the campsite, but the husband declined to get on the boat and said he would walk back to 10-Mile Bay along the shore. He had not returned. RCMP were no longer able to contact the informant due to cell reception, but were concerned that the incident had not been resolved. SAR were reqested to confirm that the subject was at the campsite and if not, commence a search. Command established in Harrison at 21:00. Spirit of Harrison left dock at 21:12. Shearwater launched at 21:24. Subject confirmed at campsite at 10-Mile Bay at 21:38. Canoe recovered at 22:13. Boats docked at 22:34.

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