Search 2014/07/22

Paged by RCMP at 20:00 to assist in locating 2 subjects in a canoe on Harrison Lake. The pair had been dropped off at Green Point day-use area on July 20th at 11:00. Their intended route was Cascade Bay, Echo Island, then down the Harrison River for pick up on July 24th at Kilby. They were supposed to call in every day. RCMP was contacted when they had not been heard from for 2 days. Subjects were in a 17' cedar canoe. RCMP were concerned for their safety in a canoe on the lake, coupled with the fact that they had not been on the lake before and had no map or GPS. SAR searched Cascade Bay, Echo Island, west shore of lake from Camp Cove, then down the Harrison River to the Chehalis graveyard. Search then focussed to the north. ECC was requested to dispatch PEP Air at first light and Chilliwack SAR were requested to search the southern portion of the Harrison River. Subjects were located at 22:49, 1Km north of 10-Mile Bay. Everyone OK.
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