Rescue 2014/11/08

Notified by RCMP at 1940hrs while on Bridal Falls Landslide response regarding a male trapped on a ledge on a cliff face above Chehalis Lake. Initial report came from campers who were out on the lake in a small boat. Subject had shone a light and yelled out for help. As SAR re-grouped and re-equipped another call came in at 2014hrs which was delegated to Chilliwack SAR.

KHSAR planned to launch a small boat on Chehalis Lake, but while en-route encountered the subject’s parents. They had found their son’s car at the 29Km mark on the Chehalis FSR and made voice contact. Boat was left in Harrison Mills. On scene at 2235hrs. Contact made with subject at 2300hrs. Subject recovered at 2341hrs.

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