The public can do many things to prevent a Search and Rescue Group being called to assist them:

  • Be prepared for the activity that you are undertaking (knowledge, training, physical ability, equipment & planning)
  • Make a trip plan
  • Observe the 10 essentials:
  1. Flashlight, spare batteries and bulb
  2. Firemaking kit – waterproof matches/lighter, firestarter/candle
  3. Signalling device – whistle or mirror to signal searchers if you become lost
  4. Extra food and water – 1 litre/person
  5. Extra clothing (rain, wind, water protection and toque)
  6. Navigational/ Communication Aids (maps, compass, GPS, charts, cellular phone, satellite phone, hand held radio – fully charged battery and a spare!) – know how to use them
  7. First Aid kit – know how to use it
  8. Emergency shelter – orange tarp or large orange garbage bag. These can also be used as signalling devices
  9. Pocket knife.
  10. Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen, hat)


   . . . . .   AND OBEY WARNING SIGNS!