2001 Ford F550 4×4 Command Vehicle. 16′ ITB Aluminum Truck Body, Fitted with: 6KVa Honda Generator, 4 rack-mounted computers and 5 laptops running Incident Commander Pro software with GIS (licensed for up to 9 clients). Status Map Workstation C/W Hitachi A100 XGA Ultra short-throw Projector/E-Beam, Networked Colour Laser Multifunction, Wide Format Printer, Multi-Function Printer, Galley, Briefing and Registration Areas, ICOM F521 & F1721 Mobile Radios, Zetron 4010R Dispatch Console, ‘OziFleet’ APRS System, OziExplorer, Memory Map, MapSource and GeoExpressView Mapping Software, 8 &16-Port Gigabit Network Switches, 2 Nortel 2-line speaker-phones, Fixed Cellular and Satellite Transceivers, BELL Ericcson Turbo Hub LAN, Hughes 9350 BGAN satellite transceiver, Wil-Burt 5-20 Pneumatic Telescopic Radio Mast, 20 ICS Vests, Code 3 and Off-Road Lighting & Winch.

Kent Harrison Command is based on a Ford F550 4×4 platform, with a 16′ ITB aluminum truck body. This innovative design uses large lift-up doors of both sides and the rear to access specialized resources. These heavy-duty doors replace conventional fabric ‘canopies’ and can be deployed in seconds regardless of wind and weather conditions.

The rear compartment houses a compact galley, featuring a marine propane stove and water containers. The curb-side compartment contains a drop-down worksurface for registration, along with a laptop computer workstation and phone. The road-side compartment is for briefings and features a status map board and PA system.

A built-in Honda 6Kva generator is the on-board power source, although the 12Kva generator (Logistics Trailer) is often used to power the command vehicle. This keeps the interior very quiet for radio transmissions. A Will-Burt 5-25 pneumatic mast provides elevation for several radio and cell-phone antennae.

The computer system is comprised of 4 rack-mounted industrial computers running Windows 7 through a wired network gigaswitch. An additional 5 laptops can be added to the system, with another desktop unit in the Logistics Trailer. 3 of the rack-mount computers each power Viewsonic 22″ LED monitors, while the fourth computer runs a Viewsonic 24″ LED monitor and a Hitachi ultra short-throw projector on a whiteboard. An E-beam electronic stylus is also used to facilitate map overlays.

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