Logistics Trailer

2007 20' ITB Aluminum Tandem-axle Logistics Trailer. Fitted with: Washroom (2 x 20 Gallon Tanks), Scene Lighting, 320L Diesel Tank (Pump & 50' hose), 230L Gasoline Tank (Pump & 12' hose), 12KVa Diesel Generator (with distribution panel), 6 Tables/Chairs, 4 Cots/Sleeping Bags, Dell CPU/Samsung 27" LCD Monitor, HP M1522NF networked laser printer/scanner/copier, 16-port Network Switch, 4.8Kw Heater, Whiteboards, Assignment Board, ICOM F521 Radio, Nortel 2-line speakerphone (linked to command vehicle), 4 x 3' Heavy-duty 5-Channel Cable Protector Interlocking Sections. A 20' tandem-axle ITB trailer is equipped to support SAR operations in remote areas. The commercial heavy-duty trailer is fitted with a 12Kva ONAN Commercial Diesel generator, washroom, scene lighting, 320L diesel tank (with 50' hose and pump), 230L gasoline tank (with hose & pump), 4.6Kw heater, tables, chairs and cots/sleeping bags. This project was made possible by a contribution from the National Search and Rescue Secretariat's 'New Initiatives Fund' (NIF) Program.