General Equipment

The team carries a wide range of miscellaneous rescue equipment:

Lightweight rope rescue rigging

Heavyweight rope rescue rigging

Over 3,000′ of Bluewater ropes

Helmets & Harnesses

Ferno 71 and 71s litters (complete with bridles, head-shields, spineboards, headrestraints, faststraps and patient bags.

Bradco Litter Wheel

Pelican King Flashlights and Headlamps

Honda 1000Eu 1Kw generators & Havis Shields ‘Magnafire’ Floodlights

Ez-up Aluminum Shelters, with side walls.

10 Avalanche Response Kits (Snowshoes, pole, shovel & beacon)

Chainsaw, axes & bucksaws

Boltcutters & Prybars