Kent Harrison Search and Rescue relies heavily on VHF radios for communications in the field. This involves the use of hand-held and mobile radios supplied by ICOM Canada. Models used include F30GT, F70T and F50 portables; F521, F1721 and F5061 mobiles.

The command vehicle is equipped with a Will-Burt 5-20 pneumatic telescopic mast, which gives improved communications with antennae at 30′ AGL.

Communications are supplemented by cellular and satellite phones. A Bell cellular (running through an Ericcson ‘Turbo Hub’ on an external antenna) and a BGAN satellite phone are linked into 3 Nortel 2-line phones and 2 Polycom Soundstation conference phones.

A Zetron 4010R communications console and a Hughes 9350 BGAN satellite transceiver are connected to 4 VHF radios and an Ericcson W35 ‘Turbo Hub’. This NIF project, valued at over $70,000 facilitates internet connectivity both locally and in remote areas, as well as enabling multiple VHF radios and telephone lines to be interconnected. This project was completed with the assistance of Chroma Communications.

Custom metal fabrication by SteelTec (Chilliwack, BC)