Kent Harrison Search and Rescue Team Society,
PO Box 747,
Agassiz, BC  V0M 1A0

KHSAR is a registered non-profit organization in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Its primary function is that of a community resource to assist the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the British Columbia Ambulance Service and the Read More

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Search and Rescue volunteers are just that – unpaid volunteers. In fact because most members donate their meal and mileage reimbursements back to the team, it often costs members over $4 for every hour they spend on an incident. Kent Harrison SAR is just one of over 80 community-based Search and Rescue groups in BC that in total provide a resource of over 2,500 trained volunteers across the province. The operational value of this service alone is worth over $5M to the citizens and visitors to British Columbia. Visit the web site of the British Columbia Search and Rescue Association  (BCSARA) to learn more.

Kent Harrison Search and Rescue receives annual funding from the Fraser Valley Regional District through a recently-introduced mil-rRead More